Religious Coptic Ethiopian Art Archangel Glass Tile Pendant Necklace


Handmade religious coptic Ethiopian art necklace with an image of  who I believe to be an Archangel 
Here is a little history about the Coptic art
The images of the saints displayed the eyes and ears larger in proportion to the rest of the face and a smaller mouth, as well as enlarged heads This showed a spiritual relationship with God and devotion to prayer. Martyrs' faces were peaceful.
Many Coptic icon painters did not sign their names, but the prominent among them include St. Luke, the Evangelist, who was believed to be the first coptic painter.

The laser printed Ethiopian art image has been adhered and sealed to a 1 x 2" bronze pendant tray and domed glass tile. There is a 24" bronze lobster clasp chain that comes with it.

Please note that if I am out of the rounded cornered pendant trays I will be substituting the angular cornered trays. They are the same price and size.

This is a made to order. Please allow 4 days to make.

Please do not wear the pendant into the shower as it is not waterproof